Pasta and Chicken Recipe Ideas for Busy Weeknights

I’ll never ever admit that carbs are bad. I just LOVE pasta, especially chicken pasta. It’s simply worth the splurge.

These Chicken Pasta recipes are so easy to make, you'll have dinner ready in no time on busy days.

Match made in heaven!

One pot Chicken Pesto Pasta is simple enough for busy weeknights and elegant enough for date night!

Combine chicken and pasta together with a flavorful sauce when following this recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini. It is a comforting meal to serve your family.

Chicken Spaghetti and Meatballs is a meal you already know and love, but with a delicious chicken twist!

Baked Ziti with Chicken Parmesan is such a comforting baked chicken pasta dish. Crispy chicken in a delicious tomato sauce, married up with tender ziti and mozzarella cheese.

Dinner is about to get delicious with these tasty Chicken Stuffed Shells. Jumbo shells are stuffed with chicken, ricotta and mozzarella and baked in marinara sauce.

This silky and delicious Pasta Carbonara is loaded with bacon, hard cheese and coated with a luscious egg mix.

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