The Easiest Chicken Lunch Recipes Ever

No one has time for a complicated lunch! Our lunch chicken recipes are light, easy, quick, and so delicious.

However you want to prepare your chicken, there's something for everyone in this menu.

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Honey Mustard Chicken Salad is the perfect sandwich filler, or great as a side dish. This creamy chicken salad is made with no mayo, making a healthier version that is still packed full of flavor.

Make meal times a breeze with this Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken recipe. Ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes, it’s perfect for a quick and healthy meal and great for meal prep.

Meatballs are so versatile and can accommodate any taste or flavor. This unique recipe for Greek Chicken Meatballs is the perfect blend of Greek flavors that will make you want more.

Ready in just twenty minutes, this BBQ Chicken Salad is packed full of healthy ingredients for a hearty and simple main dish.

Made with shredded chicken, cheese, and spices, these Chicken Taquitos are a Mexican-inspired dish perfect for any occasion. 

Juicy chicken and tender lasagna noodles in a rich and creamy soup, come together in this pure comfort food. This delicious White Chicken Lasagna Soup comes together in one pot!

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