Skillet Chicken Recipes That Are So Good!

Chicken Skillet Recipes are easy, delicious, versatile, and quick! We love to make chicken dinners in a skillet on busy nights.

Some of our favorite easy chicken recipes are cooked stovetop in a skillet.

Best for busy nights

Spice up your morning with this delicious Migas! This Mexican Migas recipe is a tasty combo of seasoned scrambled eggs over crispy tortilla strips.

Dijon Chicken is a lip-smackingly delicious one skillet recipe! Creamy with that perfect tang from the mustard – perfect for busy weeknights!

Making a Creamy Chicken Skillet for dinner is the best way to enjoy a comforting meal that’s filling, flavorful, and so satisfying!

Marinated in beer, these Crispy Beer Chicken are perfectly juicy and so flavorful! This is one tasty dinner that’s a real crowd pleaser.

This yummy Chicken Enchilada Skillet is just what you need for a warm, easy meal that is bubbling with flavor! Once you serve it, it will be an instant family favorite.

This Greek Chicken Skillet recipe is an easy meal that’s filled with flavor! It’s delicious, healthy, and perfect for weekly dinners.

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